Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Blister on my way to the 3Day 2010

My weekend was great! I will start it on Thursday so I don't leave out soccer. Thursday I started playing on an adult co-ed team. Boy, was I nervous as hell. I had 4875 excuses ready to go so that I could bail. After many talks with my husband and friends, I was convinced to go at least once. I did, and it was fabulous! I met some great people and plan to continue playing for them. Final score 4-4. I had a HUGE calf cramp in the second half. I had to sit out the last 30 minutes, but played the first 60. Friday, I wake up and I can't effin move. Like seriously, can't move, so sore! I made it to work with many o'ibuprofin. Got home, and I crashed. Saturday, still can't move, although, I decide to eat most of the contents of our cabinets. All but 5 of my WFP that is, oh yes did I mention WI was Sunday. PERFECT. not.  +0.6, I know nothing.

Okay, getting to that blister(s). After WI Mandy and I walked two laps around Greenlake! It is a little under 6 miles, and the kick-off to my 3Day training. Sure enough first blister is right where the 3Day blister was. SO that means that I need to get my feet checked. Obviously I walk weird. I had a great time meeting Mandy. It was lots of fun to chit chat and get some AP's in. woOt!

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